Jill Annfield / Harris

Hereford School of Art  St. Martin’s School of Art London Chelsea College of Art SW3

Solo & Mixed Exhibitions include:

Crane Kalman Gallery                      
Stephen Bartley Gallery                    
Gallery K                                             
Will’s Art Warehouse                        
Duncan Campbell Gallery                
Anna-Mae Chadwick Gallery           
New Grafton Gallery                          
Ainscough Contemporary Art          
Roy Miles Gallery                               
Argyle Gallery                                     
Gallery Duncan Terrace                     
Llewellyn Alexander Gallery            
Alton Gallery                                       
Rowley Contemporary Art Gallery 
The Russell Gallery                            
Piers Feetham Gallery                          
The Kilvert Gallery                            
Chateau de Cassan                                 Zebra Crossing Gallery 
Jane Fuerst Gallery
Herault France
Lusaka Zambia











Commissioned Portraits include:

           Edgar Bronffman Jnr

           Philip, Lord of Netherdene

           Julian de Vere Moss

           Hume Shawcross

           Naomi Ruddock

           Susie Franklyn

 Work has been accepted by The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition




 After a very successful career as a fashion artist for Vogue, the other “glossies” and the National Press, Jill Annfield took to serious painting when she went to live in Central Africa.

While not painting or travelling, she wrote and illustrated the Women’s Page for The Times of Zambia.

She was a founder member of Graphic Arts Group in Ndola Zambia and later of Adrem in Nairobi Kenya - both of which dealt with up-market advertising.

On moving to France, she augmented her painting with illustrations for French magazines and contributing a regular illustrated, fashion article for The Star, Johannesburg.

Back in London she was greatly encouraged in her painting by her old friend Professor Carel Weight RA and it was at this time that Crane Kalman bought several of Annfield’s landscapes for his gallery in Knightsbridge.

Another of her great supporters and admirer of her paintings was David Kitchin, who for many years ran Rowley Contemporary Art in Kensington W8 and brought Annfield’s work to a larger public at The Affordable Art Fairs.

Her atmospheric work in the northern hemisphere has been likened to that of Edvard Munch though paintings done more recently in India and SW France are naturally much brighter,


A personal note.... “The English border county of Herefordshire instilled in me a love of wild landscapes with dramatic, often brooding skies and Celtic mystery - the land of King Offa and Merlin. Landscapes with lone buildings, lone trees and few people.  Over the years I have been drawn to more dramatic places in Britain, mainland Europe, Africa and Asia where the inhabitants are strong, independent and full of character and I like to think that these characteristics are reflected in my work. I am magnetised to a place before wishing to paint it and then the atmosphere evolves.  My paintings are direct and represent a visual interpretation of a place that has happily inspired me.”        JA


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